(That’s pronounced ˈsa hɪl, for any linguists out there.)

I’m currently a postdoctoral researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, working primarily with Lori Holt and Fred Dick (University College London). I am supported by a Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award.

I received my Ph.D. from the Language and Cognition program at the University of Connecticut in 2021, where I was co-advised by Jim Magnuson and Emily Myers. During my doctoral training, I was supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and was also a trainee in UConn’s Science of Learning and Art of Communication NSF Research Traineeship.

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At UConn, I was an affiliate of the Connecticut Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences and served as an editor for their Brain, Cognition and Language Digest. I also received a graduate certificate from the Neurobiology of Language program.

Prior to starting UConn, I was at Brown University, where I worked with Sheila Blumstein in the Brown Speech Lab. I received a B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2014 and then worked as a full-time research assistant until 2016.

Click here to learn more about my research, and please contact me with any questions at sahilluthra@cmu.edu.